Who We Are

Selecting the best vacuum for hardwood floors online is very tough especially when as consumers we have a myriad of choices. Like me, I am sure there are thousand others who have spent couple of tiring hours online and ended up without being able to find the brands and the models that will fulfill their needs and provide value for money. To help those consumers get the best vacuum quickly and easily, we have developed this site with valuable information and have shortlisted here only the best models that will certainly serve them right.
The fewer are the choices, the faster is the decision that you can make. This is what we strongly believe in. So, we have shortlisted only a small number of vacuums but uncompromisingly make sure that those are of high quality, best suited to your hardwood, tiled or carpeted floor and rated 4 and above by consumers. After all, consumers are the best assessors as they have a greater opportunity to assess performance over the life of the vacuum and sometimes more reliable than reviewers who possibly base their information on product guides only.
In developing content we simply focus on the needs of potential buyers and therefore generate unbiased, realistic and thorough information to help you understand the vacuum better. We explain the features in easy to understand language so you quickly know what benefits you are indeed buying out of the technology you are paying for. We also make sure that we always present the most updated lines of products and information to you so that you are abreast of all new models, rankings and reviews whenever you click our site.
We hope by exploring our site, you will be able to decide which model is best suited to your hardwood, tiled or carpeted floors.