Review on BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum, Purple, 4122

Review on BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum, Purple, 4122

This model is very light like other canister vacuums from BISSELL. It features maneuverability. It is simply great for hard floor, stairs and other delicate surfaces like curtains, auto interiors, upholstery, and more.

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Product at a glance:
• Powerful suction; Good for bare floors, rugs as well as above-floor cleaning
• Compact and lightweight and therefore is portable and convenient.
• Multi-surface cleaning and therefore is versatile; easy transition from carpets to hard floors with the quick flip of a switch
• Features a Telescoping Wand, Automatic Cord Rewind, Full Bag Indicator and Variable Suction Control.

As I brought this machine home, it made all my cleaning tasks almost effortless. The lightweight design and the carry handle provide convenience and portability as you move around the house. It is engineered with the Multi-Surface Floor Nozzle which allows superbly easy cleaning of upholstery, carpet, rugs and also bare floors.

The machine also comes with a telescoping wand which allows users to comfortably maneuver around furniture, clean under furniture and also clean tough areas like drapes and ceilings. As you are finished, with the help of the push button, the cord will automatically rewind.
I have a pretty big house of 4 rooms, two huge balcony, a long porch and a wide garage. Since I brought this home, I clean my entire house in a matter of minutes including all hair that fall off heads every day.
All my debris on the floor is sucked up in seconds and even the built up dust on the wall are sucked up effortlessly.

The suction on this thing is unimaginable. It comes with a dial that regulates the air pulled in. As I ran it over upholstery, it removed so much dust that the color almost changed. I tried this on my lampshades and it worked great. I have a number of pets in my home. It picks up all pet hair effectively. I even held it in front of my window grill and say all the dust pulled in without even touching the window.

On the downside, I possibly should mention that it does not have any attachment to make it woke on carpet strongly, although by running it over on carpet, one can get crumbs etc picked up but it is more efficient on hard floor or drapers and upholstery.
But for me this is not a big deal cause 3/4th of my house has bare floors and the rest is carpeted.


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Those who hate noisy vacuum cleaners will find this model very less noisy. It is also very good on hard floors and efficiently performs a quick crumb cleanups on both bare floors and carpets. So, if I have to summarize the advantages:
It is affordable
• Allows an effortless cleaning (no mess while cleaning)
• Lightweight and maneuverable
• Cleans all – hair, crumbs, confetti and so on perfectly and quickly
• Versatile and therefore works on all floor types
• Has a strong and consistent suction which makes it a powerful machine
• Durable and give consistent performance even after continued use for 40 minutes
The product size is 18.6 x 11.1 x 11.5 inches and weighs 12.5 pounds. It is rated very high by users. Overall I am impressed with this model and is happy about its durability.