Review on Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum

Review on Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum 

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Product at a glance:

• Delicately cleans to protect floor surface
• Rubber wheels does not leave marks
• Lightweight and compact design allow portability and maneuverability
• Features fingertip control which allows safe powering and suction control in cleaning delicate surfaces like upholstery and drapes
• Easy empty dirt tank at the bottom

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Deluxe canister vacuum is a specially designed lightweight tool with a powerful suction. It features digital fingertip control that allows you to lower suction power as you clean area rugs and similar delicate surfaces. The Rubber wheels and felt treads protects your floor from scratch or mark. The brush has extra soft bristles, allowing you to clean with peace of mind. The bottom empty dust tank makes emptying easy for you and the automatic cord rewind pulls the cord back in seconds. Once you have this model with all these features plus a few more tools to make your cleaning task easy, you will love this machine now and always

Before purchasing this model, I read some of the reviews. Most of them talked about the brighter sides of the vacuum. I do not even remember what limitations I found in those reviews since barely anything was written there. So, I made my purchasing decision pretty confidently although I knew a vacuum cleaner cannot exist without anything on the downside. I brought this model home.

With my earlier models, I suffered a lot either with inconsistent suction or with scratches on my floor or messy dirt emptying. I used one which performed well on the dimensions I set as per my priorities, but that one was too heavy. I am a busy executive and have already harmed my backbone a lot by sitting long hours in the office. But once I brought Bissell 1161 vacuum home, it passed on all the criteria that I set and is also compact as well as lightweight.

It is simply wonderful on hard floors, on my rugs, low carpet and also on the upholstery. One can use the rolling brush attachment in vacuuming hardwood and laminated floors. The carpet attachment that it has works superbly on my rugs. The easy empty dirt tank makes life easy. The swivel function of the heads is comparable to one model that I used earlier. This feature allows me to get under and around furniture easily. What I love about this model is its suction control features. I remember a terrible experience from one of the past models that sucked up the whole curtain of my bedroom window by the time I switched that off. This model offers versatility by working efficiently on all floor types. So, you do not have to keep multiple vacuum cleaners for different type of floors. On the downside, there is not much I can say except that I prefer longer cords but that is not at all a big deal.


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So, overall, I would definitely love to suggest others to try this vacuum who are looking for a versatile machine that features ease of cleaning, performs delicately, allows users to control the machine effortlessly every now and then and is portable as well as compact.