Easy Ways to Remove Bathroom Odors

4 Easy Ways to Remove Bathroom Odors

Many of us have intolerance to bathrooms odors. It gives enough reasons to be embarrassed when guests use your toilet. Many of you may have experienced a musty, foul smell in your bathroom although it may look apparently clean. Well it happens due to poor cleaning techniques. By knowing the techniques you can keep your bathroom smelling completely fresh.

1. Make sure your bathroom is ventilated:

Letting natural air pass through the bathroom can help reduce smells. If you have an exhaust or overhead fan, do not forget to turn it on after bathroom use. If you don’t have one, you should keep open the bathroom window to let fresh air enter. You should do the same after a shower as well, since moist air from a hot shower can lead mildew to buildup, which will result in a musty smelling bathroom.

2. Pick an odor eliminators and not an air freshener:Best vacuum for hardwood floors_Easy Ways to Remove Bathroom Odors

It is important for you to understand the difference. Air fresheners will just cover the smell for you. They will never remove the odor and once the smell of your freshener goes, you will smell the odor again. If the odor is strong, no way it will go away naturally over the hours.
On the other hand, odor eliminators are meant to neutralize odors. They work on smells faster quicker and more effectively. You have to find out the right product that suits to your need since there is a wide variety of odor eliminators on the market.
Alternatively, you can use your own homemade air freshener. Many of us try to limit chemicals when it comes to inhale something leading to irritations in the throat or lung. You can prepare them with safe products that you have at home:

• Mix 4 cups of water with two tablespoon white vinegar, 30 drops of essential oils and a teaspoon of baking soda. Essential oils are available in medicine shops. Buy a spray bottle and place that in your toilet so that you can spray as and when needed.


3. Use air purifiers in case your bathroom has a poor air circulation:

Remember, an odor remover alone may not always cut it. So, try an air purifier, which is a plug-in device to help increase air circulation. They also help remove odor-causing bacteria from the bathroom’s air.

4. Try to use steam mop every alternative day:

Mopping is important since keeping the toilet floor dry is one of the prerequisites for an odor-free toilet.
If you do not have a steam mop, you may buy one and try this. It is good in cleaning not just the toilet floor. Since it is a steam mop, it makes tiny particles wet and refreshes the entire air in the toilet.
You may also try using desiccants which are dry materials designed to absorb water. You may try using a synthetic desiccant, like silica gel. But if you have small children or pets at home, be extra careful. Some plants work as natural desiccants. You may try them too and make your toilet smell fresh.

I believe, you will find these steps easy and convenient to follow and will experience more freshness in your toilet.