Cordless vacuum: How good is it?

Cordless vacuum: How good is it?

As with other products, deciding if a cordless vacuum cleaner is the right fit for you actually rests with your need and priorities. It is always wise to know the pros and cons of a product to know whether the pros outweigh the cons to suit your need. To know the pros as well as cons and also what to consider when purchasing a vacuum, you may find the below information useful.

• You have a big house and are tired of unplugging your vacuum cleaner again and again as you move around from rooms to stairs to driveway. It is surely a hassle carrying a heavy vacuum anytime you want to clean certain areas around the home. This justifies why you should purchase a cordless vacuum that offers portability and flexibility. There’s no such place where you cannot take a cordless vacuum. Cleaning your car, your office or the rooftop coffee table can be done so pretty easily. All you need to do is to have it charged up and ready to go.
• Cordless gives you another advantage. If you have small children or elderly members around, you do not have to worry about them tripping over. Also, you no more have to be too much cautious to prevent yourself from tripping over while cleaning.
• Most of the models are designed to operate using a battery pack. They come with a charging station allowing users to recharge in between uses. They are generally very lightweight (usually less than 10 pounds) than corded versions,
• There is another plus point of a cordless vacuum cleaner. Most models of this type come bagless. Unlike a conventional vacuum bag that you might need to dispose of when it’s full, the cordless model has a detachable collection chamber making the cleaning job easier for you.
• Eliminating the need to replace bags will allow save a great deal of money over the life of the cordless vacuum.

• To enjoy the benefit of transportability, you simply have to pay more. Cordless vacuums offer a wide range of prices allowing you to get one for around $45 or slightly more. However, a decent cordless vacuum cost you about $90. To grab one that is head and shoulders above the average, you may need to go as high as $115 or more.
• Critics often say that there is often a loss of suction power during vacuuming, especially if the battery does not hold its charge effectively. However, this complaint can be negated if you choose a model that uses a high voltage Lithium Ion battery as these can hold a charge much better than their counterparts. It means such models will give a longer and more consistent suction power performance while in use. It will also make it run for longer at a more consistent rate.
• Reviewers often comment that a stronger suction will also limit the running time. Here, a Lithium Ion battery is recommended again since they generally charge faster, run for longer at a more consistent rate, and will not lose its memory life when left on charge in between uses.
• Bear in mind that you are using a battery as the only source of power if you buy a cordless one which can lead to additional problems. Make sure that the model you are considering has a superior battery, which is removable too. Otherwise, it will render the entire vacuum useless when the battery comes to the end of its life. Many Lithium Ion batteries have a long lasting life span of 2-3 years. This certainly offers consumers a bit more peace of mind.


Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of a cordless vacuum, it is you to decide if this type suits your need. You will find user reviews online to know more about cordless vacuums.

Tip: Never keep the battery inside the mount and remove it from the mount as soon as it is full. This will prolong the battery charging cycle time.