Clean Hardwood Floors with chemical-free things

How to Clean Hardwood Floors with Chemical-free Things?

There was a time when people would find natural products around them to clean their house. During those days products made of artificial agents would not even exist. Time has changed. With the blessings of science and technology, people now have a myriad of cleaning options in the stores. The wave of using manufactured cleaning products started in the developed world and shortly spread across the other parts. People living in even remote places of underdeveloped countries now have access to branded cleaning products. But at the same time with greater access to information, people are questioning the safety of such cleaning agents made artificially. We are again going back to natural products gradually – that are safer to us, our children, pets and the environment. 

Keeping the home clean 24-7 tops the priority list for many. The easiest way is to buy something from the nearby superstore, apply and clean. But if you are one of those worried about unsafe cleaning products and looking for something more natural, then it may not be an easy task for you until you know what works best on your hardwood floor as a natural cleaning agent and keeps the home environment healthy at the same time. Read below to help yourself.

Look for a hardwood floor mop

Irrespective of what type of cleaner you are thinking to use, grab a flat head hardwood floor mop to get the best result. At the time of purchasing, look for a mop that has washable or reusable flat pads.

Steam cleaning – once in month
If your floor is sealed properly, you may consider a steam mop once in a month. But make sure you grab one that does not leave much water on your floor and damage it.
Also immediately after mopping certain area, mop again with a dry microfiber mop. If dusty air frequently flows through your home, you will find steam mopping very effective in keeping your home clean effortlessly even without using any cleaning agent.


Lemons are considered as good antiseptic. They are also known for their antibacterial properties. So, naturally, if you apply them in cleaning your floor, you are getting a bacteria-free house. In most households, lemons are one of the common items found in the refrigerator. So get one from the fridge. Squeeze a ½ cup of lemon juice in the damp-mopping water, mop and leave your wood floor germ-free and beautifully clean.


You may consider strained black tea to clean your hardwood floor. In fact, the tea not only cleans the floor, it will act as a natural protector of your floor and will make it look shine. Application at certain intervals will extend the life of your hardwood floor. If you want to try out tea, prepare this way: best vacuum for hardwood floors_Clean Hardwood Floors with chemical-free things.

1. Boil some water (half a gallon) in a large pot before you add the tea bags (10-15) or an infuser if you are using loose tea.

2. Let the tea bags steep for 10-15 minutes. The longer you let them steep, the better a mixture you get.

3. Hard press the tea leaves using two spoons to squeeze out all remaining liquid. This will make the mixture strong

4. Pour the mixture to your mopping bucket of cold water.

5.  Add water as necessary and your natural mopping liquid is ready to make your floor clean and shine.