Carpet cleaning made easy

6 Stunning Ways to Make Carpet Cleaning Easy

On day one your new carpet simply looked superb? Then that unwanted dirt and debris started to build up making your gorgeous carpet to look dull and requiring you to do the tedious job of carpet cleaning regularly to keep that clean and gorgeous look. Right? Yes, that’s what we all go through now or later. Good news is by applying a few basic rules, you can make the job of cleaning and vacuuming your carpeted floor and stairs hassle-free:

Rule # 1

Get the best vacuum cleaner
Get one of the best vacuum cleaners. It should be efficient on carpets and must come with a hose attachment.

Rule # 2

Keep your carpet dry
Check if the carpet is ready for vacuuming, meaning that it should be dry.

Rule # 3

Remove obstacles from vacuuming area
Pick up all objects that are large enough to cause clogging during carpet cleaning. Remove all type of strings or cords from the vacuuming area that can wind up around the brushes in your vacuum cleaner.

Rule # 4

Examine the vacuum before you start carpet cleaning
• Check whether the vacuum bag or the dirt container is full. In case it is full, either replace the bag or empty the dirt container first. This will allow it to work at its maximum capacity. So emptying the container or changing out the bag will boost performance.

• In an emergency situation, you can reuse the bag. To do this, you need to cut off the end with scissors, empty the contents and staple the bag shut.

• Check the bottom of the vacuum before carpet cleaning to be sure that there is no strong string or twine winded around the bristles of the brush. Use a comb to quickly unwrap the strings if you find any. Alternatively, use a knife or a metal stick to pull the wrapped stuff. Repeat the task of rotating the brush until the bristles of the brush look clean.

• Set your vacuum for carpet and adjust height to suit the height of the carpet. Some models employ the feature of automatically adjusting for carpet heights. In case your one does not have that feature, make sure it is set to carpet, not floor and that the carpet depth is correctly set to ensure proper suction.

Rule # 5

Vacuum hard to reach spaces easily
For tight areas, use the hose with a tool attachment to reach those tight corners and edges around these small spaces, and then simply stroke the biggest area of your carpeted area with the underside of the vacuum cleaner to suck up the rest of the dirt.

The job of carpet cleaning is done and you get that gorgeous look back again!

Rule # 6

Don’t forget to empty your dirt
After each complete vacuuming, take the entire vacuum outside and dispose of the vacuum bag (empty the debris container) in a sealed plastic bag. Do this outside always. Remember, there is always a chance that a bed bug escapes while changing the bag. You will not risk it, will you?

Carpet cleaning always requires time and energy. But by applying the above rules you can make that tedious task easier, run it faster and complete the task in one go without experiencing any disruption. To smoothly perform the task, always try to get the latest models from canister vacuum cleaners or upright vacuum cleaners. To know how to get the right vacuum, you may want to read our Buying Guide.