BISSELL Hard Floor Expert Bagless, 1154

Review on BISSELL Hard Floor Expert Bagless, 1154 Canister Vacuum

BISSELL 1154 Canister Vacuum is a specialized and lightweight tool. It has a powerful suction and is perfect for delicate surfaces. It is engineered with rubber wheels and felt treads to help keep your floor scratch or mark-free. The brush has extra soft bristles. To add to your convenience, it features an Easy Empty dirt tank for an effortless dust release. The automatic cord rewind will save your time and energy and keep the cord neat. To make your hardwood floor cleaning fast and easy, it also has a number of other complement tools to make cleaning your hard floors fast and easy.
This canister vacuum has a wonderful maneuverability to clean around and under furniture. It is also highly efficient on stairs and various other delicate surfaces like upholstery, curtains, auto interiors, and more.

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Product at a glance

• 10.7 x 13.2 x 8.7 inches in dimension
• 15.8 pounds in weight
• It is compact, sleek and lightweight and therefore portable and easy to store
• Air-driven Hard Floor Dusting tool designed with soft bristles to safely clean crumbs, pet hair and fine debris from hard surfaces
• Features swivel steering that allows maneuverability under and around furniture
• Bottom empty tank helps easy emptying
• Very strong suction but at the same time allows safe cleaning of delicate surfaces like curtains, rugs and upholstery.
• Rubber wheels with felt treads leave no marks on the surface
• Automatic rewind cord and therefore allows keeping your cord neat
• Includes a dusting tool, telescoping extension wand, crevice tool, and low pile carpet tool to serve certain purpose
• Offers 2-year warranty

In a nutshell, the Bissell Hard Floor Expert Vacuum is a versatile, very good vacuum cleaner that anyone would love to have. It is simply apleasant change for me from other vacuums that I tried with certain level of disappointments because it is small, light, compact, does not leave mark on my floor, and is engineered with all the features for a delicate cleaning that I was looking for. I hate dust bags so it was a relief for me when I discovered the handy internal “cup” that just needed to be emptied into the trash after finishing the vacuuming job. On the whole I just love this vacuum – even though the canister fills up quite fast, but it really works. I have throw rugs and a combination of tile and wood floors. It cleans everything delicately and gives me a delightful experience.



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Overall, once you have this model and you clean your hardwood or tile floors and other delicate surfaces, you will get a whole new realization that vacuuming is no more tiring and boring. It is actually fun and of course rewarding. It is comparatively quiet and easy to drag around the house and will deliver a super vacuuming service. Users will find all the attachments very useful this or that way.