Advantages of a steam cleaner

Steam Cleaner Can Make Your Life Amazingly Easy

Nowadays people have become busier than before, spending less time on household chores and more time working outside. To fulfill the growing demand for appliances and equipments that will support people complete household work faster, without much effort yet more perfectly, manufacturers have brought specialized equipments and appliances. Steam cleaner made its way to the market in a similar context.

A steam cleaner makes use of heated water to clean hard floors and carpets. If yours is a tile floor, hardwood floor or of any other kind, a steam cleaner should be equally efficient on all types. You can trust this product to clean carpets, remove stains and dirt from both floors and countertops. It also helps remove foul odor, clean mirrors, windows, sliding, glass doors and screens. However, exercise caution when using on hardwood floors. Later in this article, we have discussed how you can be sure if your cleaner is safe on hardwood or laminate floor.

Mold can grow in your bathroom and also in the kitchen sinks or in the grout between washroom tiles. If not removed, it may be the breeding ground for bacteria. A steam cleaner is also efficient in cleaning molds which will help you to prevent bacteria from growing.


Many ask whether a steam cleaner has more advantages over traditional mopping and what could be possible disadvantages. Well, for a good steam cleaner, advantages are more than possible disadvantages. Advantages infact far outweigh those of a traditional mopping. Major advantaged are:
• Steam can get through surfaces much better by getting into the pores and will help remove invisible bacteria that traditional mopping cannot.
• As there is less water left behind, drying time with steam cleaning is far quicker.
• You no longer have to use potentially harmful chemicals for cleaning.
• You no more need that heavy bucket, mop or broom. Just one tool will do the cleaning of your floor.
• Hard to remove stains or ground-in dirt can be removed easily with a steam cleaner. So the hassle of scrubbing is gone once you get a steam cleaner.
• It’s eco-friendly and safe
Overall, advantages of steam cleaners greatly outweigh that of traditional mopping. Although traditional mops are less expensive to buy (Meaning you have to pay more for a steam cleaner) but mopping is never a hassle-free job. It is tedious and requires you to get a bucket, probably a scrubbing brush or two, and detergent, which can be harmful. However, those looking for a good workout during floor cleaning, traditional mopping is possibly the ideal way to adopt or continue if you are already comfortable using a mop.


The disadvantages are less in a steam cleaner. Still to avoid possible disadvantages of accidental injury, damaging your floor or poor cleaning, keep the below tips on top of your mind:
• Prespray the area to be cleaned which will allow your steam cleaner to be truly effective.
• Although it varies by models, you may need to take a few minutes to heat the water to the right temperature. If you are not careful, steam may flow directly to your skin and burn it. So be careful when the cleaner is ready to go.
• If you have a hardwood floor or laminate floor, be sure that your steam cleaner is specifically designed for use on hardwood or laminate floor. Regular steam cleaners that are designed for carpets must not be used for hardwood or laminate floors as they can cause damage to the wood. What you should look for is a “Bare Floor” steam cleaner to safely use on hardwood floor or laminate floor.

Grab one and see the difference! However, if you are looking for other cleaning appliances like an upright or a canister vacuum for your hardwood floor, you may want to see some selected models at this link: